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DUOLENG Steel Grit + DUOLENG Saw Blade = Perfect Matching
Specialized in Granite Gangsaw Cutting

Duoleng is the only one and the most professional manufacturer of both Steel Grit and Saw Blade in the stone industry for over 20 years. Besides the production innovation and the technical upgrade and promotion, Duoleng is committed to provide better service to global customers. 

1.Production Innovation
Adopting exclusive production process, Duoleng steel grit is made from high quality alloy steel materials, with special crush technology and twice heat treatment. Our steel grit has the following features: 
1) Appearance: full Angular
2) High Density: (≧7.5 g/cm3)
3) Fine Microstructure
4) Chromium Included
5) High-wearing Feature and Minimal Consumption
Proved by factory practice, Duoleng Alloy Angular Steel Grit is able to cut various of blocks with high efficiency, the consumption of which can be about 30% less than normal steel grit. Furthermore, Duoleng is the only one and the most professional manufacturer of both Steel Grit and Saw Blade in the stone industry, which brings easier acquisition and production for global stone factories.

2.Product Integrated with Service 
Duoleng technical team was formed in early 2010. Up to end of 2011, Duoleng technical team has provided overall and professional technical support for more than 50 customers in 9 countries. With the close cooperation and communication between our technicians and the factory people, customers have mastered the features of our products and optimized the operation for production, which improves the efficiency and decrease the production cost.
With the follow-up and records of more than 100 rounds of gang-saw cuttings, it is found that consumption of Duoleng steel grit is 8% to 46% less than other steel grits, and that Duoleng saw blade also has excellent performance with 100mm width to cut 4 to 5 rounds of soft blocks, or 2 to 3 rounds of hard blocks. And it is very common that the wear-out blades have only 10mm or even 8mm width left.
With further analysis on the results, it is found that gang-saw cutting gets more efficiency and lower overall consumption, in the case of concomitant use of Duoleng steel grit and saw blade for a same gang-saw。

3. Our Promise:
Concomitant use of Duoleng steel grit and saw blade is well recommended for customers, so as to obtain best cutting performance and lowest consumption during gangsaw cutting of granites, leading to less production cost. In case of customers require help on operation and technical support, Duoleng will always offer overall technical service and optimal cutting solution.