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    Jinhua Hegaoyin Welding Materials Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Jinhua Hegaoyin Soldering Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional company producing and operating brazing materials: the main products are copper-based, silver-based, lead-based and other brazing materials. The company has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, and testing methods. Complete, strict management, reliable product quality, and can research and develop new brazing materials based on user needs.
    The company adheres to the tenet of quality first, customer first, and reputation first. The products have been widely used in refrigeration, refrigerators, air conditioners, electrical appliances, motors, jewelry, glasses, sanitary ware and other industries. The product specifications are complete, and silver welding materials, silver electrodes, Silver solder, silver solder wire, brass solder, phosphor copper solder, black solder, low temperature solder, aluminum solder, copper solder wire, copper solder, silver solder paste, copper solder paste, copper solder paste, phosphor copper solder Solder paste, pure copper solder paste, silver solder powder, copper solder powder, aluminum solder powder, flux, welding generator, etc. The company maintains long-term and close technical cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Iron and Steel Research Institute, Guangzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Harbin Welding Research Institute, East China University of Science and Technology, Beijing Nonferrous Metal Rare Earth Research Institute and other universities and scientific research institutions, and is constantly determined to innovate.



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    Jinhua Hegaoyin Welding Materials Co., Ltd.
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    Website: www.jl2046.com
    Address: No.157, Ji Road, Industrial Park, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

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    About Us
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